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This is why we draw Mohammed

I THINK this is the winner of Pamela Geller’s Draw Mohammed competition.  I wouldn’t know though, since apparently the American press has sworn fealty to Sharia Law and is refusing to publish it.

News flash guys – you can pretend to CHOOSE not to offend Islam.  Just like all those women CHOOSE to wear the Burka.

But we all know exactly why you don’t.

UPDATE: It’s confirmed this was indeed the winner, via enough evidence from GatewayPundit for me.


Douglas Murray on offending Islam

So apparently the Garland Shooting at the Pamela Gellar “Draw Mohammed” event raised this “controversy” about whether people approve of offending Islam.  

Since people seem to continue to have a problem with this, let me summon Douglas Murray’s words after that initial Charlie Hebdo attack:

“They offended Islamic blashpemy laws, which European nations do not follow and do not believe in.” 

“Twelve people were gunned down because European citizens asserted their right, and they have every right to do that… to do their job as cartoonists in a free society.

“The most important discussion at the moment is whether or not the press stands up for the right to draw what they like … the key issue cannot be stressed enough, most of us are not Muslims, we do not believe in Muhammad… Muslims should not expect non-Muslims to abide by their belief systems… There’s a growing idea in Europe that people who do NOT follow of Islam will also have to obey the rules of Islamic blasphemy.”

“Let’s get on to the substance of this … what Charlie Hebdo has asserted the right to do is treat Islam the same way they treat every other religion.”