Shrimp Fried Rice

Frozen shrimp
Leftover rice
Soy sauce
Optional Ingredients:
Frozen vegetables
Chopped onion
Sweetened rice wine

Picture this.  You went out for Chinese food, and they gave you a huge bucket of rice with your dinner.  Being on a low carb kick, you didn’t eat most of it, and they offer to put it in a to-go box for you.  What do you do?  Well now with the Bachelor’s Cookbook, you finally have a use for it.

Making fried rice is as simple as throwing some frozen shrimp in a pan, frying them up to melt them, adding the rice and soy sauce and frying it further until it gets some crisp to it.  Boom.  Done.  You don’t even need to buy soy sauce for your bachelor pad because chances are the Chinese restaurant also threw in a couple packets in with your to-go box.

Also, rice keeps surprisingly long in the fridge.  Yeah it gets a bit stiff and I wouldn’t eat it directly out of the box if it’s been sitting in there too long.  But frying it up in a pan will bring the freshness right back.  A bit of mold?  No sweat, just scrape it off and fry the rest into sterile oblivion.

If you wanna get fancy with the fried rice, you can chop up a quarter onion and fry that up first.  Then add the shrimp to melt it.  This is where you would also add an egg by dropping it off to the side and scrambling it.  Let it cook all the way before you add the rice.  Frozen veggies can add some roughage to the mix and is another nice thing to keep in your freezer.  But those you want to add after the rice.

Sweetened rice wine can give your fried rice a milder, sweeter complexion without making it taste like candy.  It’s readily available at Japanese supermarkets and keeps forever.  Add that along with the soy sauce to taste.

I’ve gotten out of many a night with no dinner in sight by frying up this concoction and getting those stupid rice leftovers cleaned out of my fridge.