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Shrimp Fried Rice

Frozen shrimp
Leftover rice
Soy sauce
Optional Ingredients:
Frozen vegetables
Chopped onion
Sweetened rice wine

Picture this.  You went out for Chinese food, and they gave you a huge bucket of rice with your dinner.  Being on a low carb kick, you didn’t eat most of it, and they offer to put it in a to-go box for you.  What do you do?  Well now with the Bachelor’s Cookbook, you finally have a use for it.

Making fried rice is as simple as throwing some frozen shrimp in a pan, frying them up to melt them, adding the rice and soy sauce and frying it further until it gets some crisp to it.  Boom.  Done.  You don’t even need to buy soy sauce for your bachelor pad because chances are the Chinese restaurant also threw in a couple packets in with your to-go box.

Also, rice keeps surprisingly long in the fridge.  Yeah it gets a bit stiff and I wouldn’t eat it directly out of the box if it’s been sitting in there too long.  But frying it up in a pan will bring the freshness right back.  A bit of mold?  No sweat, just scrape it off and fry the rest into sterile oblivion.

If you wanna get fancy with the fried rice, you can chop up a quarter onion and fry that up first.  Then add the shrimp to melt it.  This is where you would also add an egg by dropping it off to the side and scrambling it.  Let it cook all the way before you add the rice.  Frozen veggies can add some roughage to the mix and is another nice thing to keep in your freezer.  But those you want to add after the rice.

Sweetened rice wine can give your fried rice a milder, sweeter complexion without making it taste like candy.  It’s readily available at Japanese supermarkets and keeps forever.  Add that along with the soy sauce to taste.

I’ve gotten out of many a night with no dinner in sight by frying up this concoction and getting those stupid rice leftovers cleaned out of my fridge.

I mailed Barack a clock

I mailed Barack Obama the remnants of a clock I built with an Arduino, some electronic components and a USB battery.  Here’s the accompanying letter:

Dear Barack Obama,

Enclosed please find the remnants of a clock I built.  Your meeting with Ahmed Clockboy inspired me to create this and show it off Halloween 2015.  If you check my Instagram, you’ll see videos and pictures of the working model.  I’m really proud of what I built, and I figured I should give you a tutorial about what to look for, to distinguish between an honest science project and a bomb hoax.

First, notice the breadboard, with wires and resistors attached.  Also notice the component seven-segment LED display.  This has pins which fit into a breadboard.  Contrast this with Clockboy’s clock, which was just a gutted consumer model.  No breadboard, all premade circuitboards and wiring bundle, prefabricated display.

Also, notice the Arduino.  Any electronics science project would have a processing core like an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi.  You can then download a programming package to it, wire it up to electronic components like the LED, and watch the magic.  All put together, it was a self-contained, self-powered clock.  It taught me a lot about how to program an Arduino.

I say this because your meeting Ahmed and defending him over what was an obvious political stunt with no scientific merit really left me scratching my head.  Nobody who has any kind of technical background saw any scientific or educational value in what he did.  They all saw through the fraud.

I was so embarrassed by your lack of insight, I even wrote a presidential apology for you, which I’ve included.  So I wondered, I, a lifelong Democrat who voted for you twice, why you?  Why did you believe it?  And then it dawned on me.  Like attracts like.

Yes, Barack, I see it now.  You too are a fraud.  Just like this Clockboy.  And now everything makes sense.  Every statistic you quoted about restoring jobs, getting rid of terrorism, making the world safer, it’s all lies.  The more I dug down into the statistics you quoted, the more I found Potemkin Villages of data.  Every facial expression, every cause you support, every attack you make, all calculated frauds.

So in a way, maybe this Clock really is a bomb.  It is the bomb that blew up everything people believed in you, your entire legacy.  Leaving you, and the Democratic party I’m leaving, nothing but a hulking wreckage of a fraud.

Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

The trouble with a one party state

California is now a one party state.  This has been the big issue of the 2016 election.  It smacks of communist party rule, and is degenerative to society in so many ways.  During my campaign, I want to address Democratic Party dominance, how its entrenched their position in the state, and how its damaging society as a whole.

First is the legal entrenchment.  In 2010, California adopted the open primary rule, meaning only the top two vote getters in the primaries get to advance to the general election.  So this year, we didn’t get to vote for any Republicans except the president.

That Kamala Harris would become our next Senator was a foregone conclusion and a coronation.  There was no GOP candidate, only a runner up Democrat who ran to her left.

This scenario has left Republicans folding their tents and given the Democrats the keys here, they don’t even run campaigns anymore.  This leaves us with a political machine which has no debate.  Only one big machine, with ladders and favors to apparatchiks.  My 37th district has a congresswoman who’s a 4th generation dynasty of appointees.

One could say that, well, this is because California is a diverse electorate which does not fall for racists.  But they would be wrong.  As I’ve pointed out before, Trump made inroads to Blacks and Latinos that have flummoxed the Republican party for decades.  He basically cracked the race code.  Those cracks were evident earlier, when Democrats thought blacks would join them in fighting against Prop 8 (outlawing gay marriage) but they wound up being its most fervent supporters.  And I think that all peoples and races share some basic core values which make them natural Republicans.  Issues like Family, Law and Order, Work Ethic, Public service.

So why are so many voting Democrat?  The answer is social – the other dimension a one-party state entrenches power.  For this I have mostly anecdotal evidence.  But it’s assumed around Los Angeles that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, could vote for Donald Trump.  All the worst lies about him are assumed to be true, people around here are literally suicidal that he’s won.

You’d say, well who cares, but the fact is that you can’t support Donald Trump, you can’t even give him a fair hearing, without constantly getting into arguments.  Conversations start with “at least we all hate Trump, right?” or “I can’t believe how anybody could vote for that rapist”.  And when they see you not nodding in enthusiastic agreement, then the argument starts.

It’s not just annoying.  It’s damaging to democratic society.  Indeed it bares light on the Democrats’ strategy that goes all the way back to the Antebellum days – they treat their base like a plantation, and instead of resorting to reasoned arguments turn to slanders and violence on anyone who doesn’t support them.

So part of our early strategy in this run is to come out of the closet as Trump supporters and Republicans.  We need to come out, stand proud, and even if some of us didn’t vote for Trump, at least demand a fair hearing for him.  I share an opinion with a number of friends and acquaintances that, regardless of who we voted for, we still accept the other candidate and want to give them a fair hearing.

We can start with that simple premise.


Considering a congressial run in the GOP

FINALLY! A Secular non-tea-party Republican has run a successful campaign!

I know. Record screeching to a halt. What?  Yes.  Trump’s victory forever changed the GOP.  It dissolved both the Tea Party and the Evangelicals in one blow.  Yes, of course he made overtures to them during his campaign.  And he will fulfill promises to them.  But both Tea Party conservatives and hard evangelicals campaigned as hard against him with their #nevertrump as any Democrat.

Meanwhile, in his simple populist message Trump made inroads to Black and Latinos that have flummoxed the Republican party for decades.  He basically cracked the race code.  And I want to build on that.  Trump’s victory is a blow to PC culture which might actually grant us a real discussion among each other as Americans.  And I think that all peoples and races share some basic core values which make them natural Republicans.  Issues like family, Law and Order, Work Ethic, Public Service.

It’s these issues Trump laid the groundwork for.  If we can build on this, and really push forward a new Republican agenda of enlightened classic liberalism, we could go into the 21st century making it the greatest one yet.  And we can go into it with a consensus that really represents America.

Once again, California is a perfect starting point for this visionary future.

In his Victory, the Death of the Democrats

The Republicans reel from the dissolution of these wings which they depended on for their mass base.  But they will recover.  And they will come out stronger than before, ready to handle this century of challenges.  Already a new generation of anti-PC secularist militants sympathetic to Trump are organizing.  Mind you, these are not your leftist secularists.  We do not begrudge people their religion, we don’t attack their beliefs, in fact we enshrine their right to behave as they see fit.

The Democrats, unfortunately, are still saddled by their militant wings, which are pulling the party ever more into irrelevance.  One would think their base would see the error of their ways after Trump’s election, and drift away from identity politics and branding everyone and everything as a racist.  They are not, and in fact are doubling down on their politics.

But this is the symptom of a party that has been in power too long and has not needed to become self conscious.

I was a lifelong Democrat.  I worked for the Democrats in a number of campaigns, I see how they behave, especially in my home state of California.  I consider myself of the vein of such Democrats as Chuck Schumer, Jim Webb, and Jerry Brown.

But with Trump’s election, I’m flipping to the Republican party.  Because Trump effectively took over those wings of the Democrats, and now they are part of a GOP conversation.  I want to be a part of this dynamic conversation they are having.  The Democrats stopped having a conversation, and I fear there is not much for them as a party at this point.

This will be the first of many articles about my stances on various issues.  The major question at this point is how to run as a GOP candidate in California, which is effectively a one party state.  I would like to discuss how it became a one party state, how damaging this setup is to our politics and our society, and how we can reverse this trend.