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Biggs is my pen name, dating back to when I wrote a little ‘zine called Rioter’s World in the early ’90s.  My leaning is a Marxist analysis of world events who gets along more with conservatives, and I wind up bursting a lot of bubbles with that.  It’s highly entertaining, at least for me.  I also like to stay on top of the interwebs.  I’ve been working in IT since college, and it’s funded my wacky intellectual lifestyle ever since.

This is site is dedicated to said wacky lifestyle – whether it’s sharing my social/political insights with the world, or my adventures in the world of web design and the internet in general.  Or heck, I might just post about my latest surf session.  Probably not though, I don’t see that as something people are interested in reading about.

Some fun links….

Yes I wrote a book (graphic novel): Inferno Los Angeles

And I’m writing another book: Song of Rage – a graphic telling of The Iliad

ThomasWictor.com – great military/political analysis with focus on Israel and the Middle East.

Want to know more about me?  Feel free to post a comment below and I’ll gladly answer.


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