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“Do you agree Hamas fired 4000+ rockets at Israeli civilians?”

People tend to think wars are complicated.  They try to disentangle it with endless debate like some unmanageable Gordion knot. But wars are usually quite simple, and come down to a simple question that gets debated over with guns. Much like Alexander the Great did, when he cut through that Gordion knot with his sword.

The Gaza conflict is no exception. After many debates with people over Twitter, I found the whole war can be distilled into one question:

“Do you agree Hamas fired 4000+ rockets at Israeli civilians?”

Without fail, the answer of everyone who supported Hamas in this war was either crickets, deflecting the question, or outright hostility.  Occasionally someone makes a grudging admission but immediately qualifies it with some crazy lie or excuse.

It certainly explains the historic need for an inquisitor.

This is by no means a conclusive or exhaustive list of the replies I got. Rather it’s a small sample that I will keep adding to as my debates continue. Enjoy.

Philip D Clarke ?@PhilipdClarke Sep 3
@rbassilian @proadstudio @Miguelcubells @riwired No #Zionazi has ever admitted to #ethniccleansing #Colonisation #GenocideinGaza

Sadaf Ahmed ?@OscarChilde Sep 3
@rbassilian @buberzionist That’s not the beginning. The beginning is the Nakba dork. Go away you know nothing.

@QueenNzinga13 Sep 3
@rbassilian @HotInfidel74 @hotspur007 @lennydogin @FIREFIGHTER3899 @ink_spilled There’d be peace if government changed wicked policies

ameer ?@ameer6691 Sep 2
@rbassilian @HotInfidel74 @rondbusa who in the earth r u to question me?

Ahmed Khalil #Gaza ?@alKhalilA Sep 1
@rbassilian @IDFSpokesperson And Palestinian rockets are not military grade or carry warheads, they are just fireworks that make holes.

Acer Jamal @AceJam13 • Aug 31
@rbassilian are you Jewish big boy? Don’t dodge the question? <<@IsraSupremacist do you think this mofo is circumcised?