The new WordPress is pretty awesome

So, you’re certainly aware my root site,, kinda sucks. And it’s been years since I updated it. The thing is that I designed it back in 2003, when CMS was still in its infancy. It’s based on PHP/MySQL and has a simple way for me to add new articles. But it’s also severely limited, since I really couldn’t adopt any kind of commenting system. I mean I could, and I did, but then the bots came and spammed all sorts of porn links, and I didn’t have the time or expertise to set up a security system to block that out.
I watched as WordPress came out with their own software, and was thinking of converting to that, but WordPress was also pretty simplistic. You had to set up your own login to comment, it was pretty bare bones and hard to modify as well.
Now it looks like they finally have something worth upgrading to. You can add all sorts of cool plugins, the least of which is a facebook plugin. This allows people to like, comment on and share things I write here as if they were commenting on a facebook post.
It’s a big step forward, so this alone is convincing me to switch to this platform. Of course there’s others, like an SEO plugin, and I’m hoping I can figure out how to write blogs in more than one section.
Anyway, that’s your news for today. Looking forward to playing around in this!