My namesake Ronnie Biggs dies at 84

Ronnie Biggs was best known for his infamous British train heist in 1963, where he and his gang made off with about $50 million in today’s currency.  He was caught, but managed to escape prison, and lived out his days as a Brazilian playboy.  He was featured in the Sex Pistols’ quasi-documentary “The Great Rock and Roll Swindle”.  The Sex Pistols compared their band to a Rock and Roll Heist where, they too, made off with millions.

Thus, my namesake, (Ronny)Biggs, is an obscure reference dating back to my 90s So-Cal punk days.

For more information on Ronnie Biggs, the Guardian has a good obit here:

And I expect all of you to be familiar with The Great Rock and Roll Swindle, especially if you’re at all into music or pop culture.  Truly a work of genius:

Ronnie Biggs, you will be missed.  I doff my fedora to you, with outstretched index and middle fingers.