Chocolate fondue

Milk or dark chocolate
Strawberries or fruit of your choice
Large bowl
Small bowl
Good luck trying this with cheese. But we used to do this trick at work on Farmer’s Market days. Get a bar or two of your favorite type (there’s a Godiva store by my work so we got that) and chop it up into small cubes. Then get your dipping foods – I like strawberries because you can hold them by the leaves, plus they taste great dipped in chocolate.
Now the fun part. Get the small bowl and put it in the large bowl, then pour hot water in the large bowl to about an inch or so up the small bowl. The more water the better, really, just make sure it doesn’t spill into the small bowl or make it float. Throw it all in the microwave for another minute or so until that small bowl is nice and hot.
Now, add the chocolate into the small bowl and coax it into melting with a spoon or fork. You can throw it back into the microwave again to help it melt more, but make sure not to burn the chocolate – max of 30 seconds at a time.
Once the chocolate is melted, let the party commence! Everyone sits around the bowl dipping strawberries in it. You can always throw more chocolate cubes in there, once the chocolate is in there it’s easier to melt more.