Shrimp Pad Thai

Frozen Cooked Shrimp
Dry Ramen Noodles

Yeah you heard me. Well, it’s more like shrimp ramen, except the catch is there’s some good dry ramen-style noodles out there. Head to your local Thai Town and stock up on as many of those as you can get. My favorite flavors are Pad Thai and Tom Yum, but you should go all out exploring flavors that work for you. Then head to the supermarket and stock up on some frozen cooked shrimp. They’re cheap, they’re frozen so you can keep them forever.
That’s it, you have your two ingredients. Prepare the the noodles according to the directions, except when you add the boiling water, also add the frozen shrimp. Then throw it in the microwave for a minute or two so the water stays hot as the shrimp thaw and heat up. Also keep in mind, the Pad Thai style noodles want you to drain them before you add the flavor packets.
That’s it! You have a meal fit for a king. Or maybe a date. With your very understanding girlfriend.